Healthy Body Healthy Mind

I am the first to admit that for the majority of my life to date I have not been very healthy. I was bulky in school and played rugby in the scrum, but at least I was sporty. When I left school I stopped playing sport, I started smoking and frequented pubs and clubs, as you do, and I remember during that time being quite tired and lethargic all the time. I remember saying to myself that I shouldn’t worry about it, it isn’t my fault I look like this because I have always been this way and people just need to accept me for the way that I am.

The truth of the matter is that I hated the way that I looked and felt but I didn’t have the determination to do anything about it. The funny thing now that I can look back and laugh at myself is that I would look at other happy people and say to myself that I wish I looked fit and healthy like they did. What I was doing was limiting myself by believing that I could never be one of those people. The change came when I decided to join the Getfit Challenge and I gave myself 12 weeks to change my body and my lifestyle forever, and the results have been remarkable to say the least. I have lost 7kg’s and about 6% body fat. I feel happy and healthy and I have more energy than ever before.

Another unforeseen result of my healthy lifestyle and increased energy levels is that I am far more alert than I have ever been before. Whilst most people are still sleeping in, I am out running on the road or on the gym. Before breakfast in the morning I normally have come up with at least 2 new marketing ideas on how to promote myself and my company better and grow it exponentially. To someone who has not been through the same process as i have may not understand the level of awareness I am talking about, you simply have to try it for yourself. I call this theory healthy body, healthy mind…