Real Estate

If entrepreneurship is my first passion then real estate is my second. Being part of a property family has given me more knowledge about property transactions and property law than most people.

I have been involved in hundreds of real estate transactions over my career and I now use that experience to help buyers, sellers and agents to avoid the pitfalls of real estate transactions, and to make sure that their real estate transactions are secure so as to give the transaction the best chance of succeeding.

Having worked in most provinces and most sectors of the real estate market I have a deeper understanding of the various property investment opportunities that are available. I use this knowledge to advise property investors on where in the market to invest their money. I am also able to look at and analyse an investor’s property portfolio and advise him on how to increase their overall Return on Investment (ROI).

I also motivate and train estate agents to become better sales people by setting goals and targets and in doing this teach them to focus on their core real estate duties so that they are able to maximise their selling potential in any real estate market.