Make the most of your day!!

Recently I was involved in a conversation around productivity and how an individual, working for themselves, can make more money. The truth of the matter is that there are only 24 hours in a day and we all have the same 24 hours to do what we want. So that beg the question, why is it then that some people are able to become extremely successful within a short space of time, and others take longer? To me, the answer is effective ‘time management’, but more importantly using our time more effectively so that we capitalize on our energy and motivation.

We are all guilty of abusing the time given to us. At work we avoid doing the difficult tasks which are tedious and tiring, and instead sitting and answering emails in a little game I like to call ‘email ping pong’. We also like to come home and plonk ourselves down in front of the television and relax for a short while “because we have had a long day”. The truth of the matter is that these are excuses we give ourselves so that we trick our minds into thinking we need a break, when in actual fact we don’t need it. Now I am not saying we must never take a break, I’m saying that we must plan our breaks as part of our day and consciously take them. I would decide whether you are more creative in the morning or in the afternoon and plan your day from there.

Personally, I am most creative and energized in the morning. I therefore use this time to come up with fresh and new ideas for my company and how to market it and be more successful. I normally go and find a quiet corner in a coffee shop somewhere, have a little espresso and let my mind wonder. I then pop in at either my office to meet with my staff and share my ideas with them, or I go out and meet with other like-minded business people.

The key to success here is that I don’t look at my emails in the morning unless I absolutely have to as I feel that this reduces my creativity. If you are lucky enough to have an assistant or someone you trust, rather have them look at your mails and let you know if anything needs you immediate attention. Most emails are not so important that they need to be dealt with right now, but that is true to me so please make up your own rule there..

If you apply this simple principal to your lives today, I assure you that you will see within a couple of days a big change in your energy levels. Give it a try and see how it works for you.